Miss Me!!??

I’m Back!

Let me first start off by saying I have missed my blog. It has been a long time since I posted anything on here. I actually thought about shutting it down since I hadn’t wrote anything in over nine months but then I changed my mind. If I had the courage to put this blog up in the first place then I should keep it, right? Even if I’m just sharing my thoughts with myself.

Over these past few months, I haven’t written or read many books. I have been in this funk where doing those two things seemed like torture. Looking back now, I think I needed the break. I got so overwhelmed that my passion turned into a chore and that’s no bueno. Things are slowly getting back to normal and I feel the writing bug buzzing inside of me. I have learned so much and I want to share it.
To hold myself accountable there will be some changes to here:

Weekly Memes

Buried in the Slush Pile: Weekly tips/rants I have seen as an editorial intern. (Don’t worry I won’t be using any exact examples from people’s work) I figured this would be a great way to keep track of what I learned for my future work and also to share with you guys.

Book Love Fridays: Which will be a book Review or a rant about a book.

I also might throw in some random things here and there just to spice things up.

I’m happy to be back!


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